Social Action


TUXIS strives to encourage awareness and advocacy amongst members in order to foster responsible and conscientious citizens.   The Social Action department plays an important role in this.   The Department of Social Action's mission is to get members active in the community, whether it be local or international. They do this through programming charity work.


The Minister and Deputy of Social Action plan and lead programming at Conferences and Session.  This programming can involve any number of things, from guest speakers to workshops to role-playing games to volunteering within the community.  This programming is intended to inform members about world issues, and inspire action.  Social Action programming almost always includes group discussion, where members can share their experiences and opinions, in order to fully explore topics.


Each year, the Social Action department chooses a charity to support throughout the year.  At events, the Minister and Deputy of Social Action often facilitate fund-raising efforts to raise money for their charity of choice. Examples of past fund-raising efforts include "slave" auctions, bake sales, raffles, and talent auctions.

In addition, the Social Action department encourages all members to participate in volunteer service outside of events, and often organizes opportunities for us to do so.  For example, in the past, we have worked with Habitat for Humanity, and the Edmonton Hope Mission.  This year's charity is World Vision.

Former Ministers and Deputies of Membership

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