Conferences are weekend-long events that occur four or five times throughout the year in various cities across the province of Alberta. Here is a calender of upcoming Conferences.

What to Expect

Conferences begin Friday evening with an introduction to TUXIS and our members. They conclude Sunday morning after church service, with hugs and goodbyes to all of our new and old TUXIS friends. Between then, you should expect an eventful weekend full of activities:

1. Membership Programming: This could include icebreaker games, contests, sports, arts and crafts, or any number of other fun activities. 

2. Social Action Programming: This could include discussion, games, simulations, guest speakers, or volunteer work, designed to increase our awareness and understanding of world events, and encourage us to take action.

3. Devotions Programming: This could include, games, guest speakers, and discussion, designed to help us explore our personal faith, spirituality, and self-understanding. 

4. House Debate: Members have the opportunity to debate resolutions in a parliamentary style. These resolutions are written by TUXIS members and suggest hypothetical policies on issues relevant to canadian youth today. 

5. Planning meetings: Our meeting on Saturday morning provides us with an opportunity to plan for Session and other events throughout the year. This give all members the opportunity to have a say in what the Parliament does throughout the year.

What to Bring

Clothes for the weekend (Including pajamas and season-appropriate outdoor wear)

Bedding (We sleep on the floor, so bring blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, air mattresses, foamies, or whatever you need to be warm and comfortable.)

Permission Form (You only need to submit one permission form per year.  This form will be made available at a later date.)

$30 (This is the fee for conference.)

Spending money (Fundraising efforts by the Department of Social Action often include auctions of things like baked goods.  TUXIS merchandise and snacks may also be available for sale at some conferences.)

Paper and pen


A $30 dollar fee will be collected on the Saturday morning.  This will cover several costs for the weekend, including:

1. Food: Breakfast, lunch, and supper will be provided on Saturday, and breakfast will be provided on Sunday.  Meals are arranged by the Conference Host, but all members will be expected to assist in preparation and cleanup. 

2. Travel: Travel costs to and from Conferences will be reimbursed, provided that you are travelling within the province and staying at the conference for more than 24 hours.  To be reimbursed for gas, please fill up your tank before you depart, and once you arrive, and give both reciepts to the Minister of Finance.  You will be reimbursed for twice the cost of a one-way trip.

3. Church Donation: Most of the churches that we stay in allow us to stay there free of charge; however, we always make a donation to the church with Sunday offering to thank them for their generosity.


Anyone between the ages of 15 and 21 may attend Conferences.  If you are 14 years old but will reach your 15th birthday before December 26th of this year, you are also welcome to attend.  TUXIS is a non-denominational Christian organization, but we welcome members from any and all religions or belief systems.  You do not need to have attended a Session or any other event to attend a conference. 

For information about how to register for conferences please click here. 


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