Back Bench

"The things that make TUXIS great don't have much to do with your position, but rather the debate, programming and people." - Joshua Sorensen, Father of the House 85th Session

The Back Bench is all members of the Parliament who are not Ministers, Deputy Ministers or Elected Leaders.  All new members to TUXIS begin as back bench members. They are so called because during sittings of the annual Session they sit in the rows of seats behind the "Front Bench" (Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Elected Leaders). They are quite literally; "The Back Bench".  The Back Bench is a very important part of the Parliament. If not for the Back Bench, the Front Bench's work would be all for naught. The Back Bench for some, is a starting point; for others it is a legacy. In our parliament the Back Bench can choose the amount of commitment it wishes to make to the parliament that year, or that conference. It is true that members of the back bench have more freedom, and more flexibility to choose where they fit in the parliamentary hierarchy.  I've often thought of the back bench as the glue that holds the front bench together, making for a cohesive, and whole parliament. Some choose to take on more responsibility than others, as a way of giving back to the greater good of the parliament.  Some members of the back bench eventually become interested in one of the positions on front bench, others prefer not to take on such heavy rolls, and to stay available to be called to service in some other way.  There are many committees to volunteer with, and many things they can do to contribute to the smooth running of the parliament. I, myself, enjoyed not having to worry about planning anything. I was able to enjoy the weekend that was planned for me, and contribute in smaller ways. I was able to focus on having philosophical discussions with new friends, writing nonsensical stories for The Speaker, and planning my resolution moving speech for November conference. I think most importantly it filled me with a sense of wonder and self reflection that lead me on a journey of self discovery, that I would not have gotten anywhere else. 

Dennie Kelm -Website Director, and Speaker - 90th Session
Willingly and cheerfully doing more than that which is our duty to do.
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