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What is TUXIS? What are its goals?

TUXIS is the longest continuously running youth Parliament in Canada. It is composed of youth ages 15-21 from all across Alberta. The Parliament is founded upon four major aspects: the intellectual, the spiritual, the physical, and the social. The goal of TUXIS is to foster growth in each aspect.  See About Us for more information.

Why should I let my child come to TUXIS?

For more than 90 years, TUXIS has been providing the youth of Alberta with an experience unlike any other. At TUXIS, members gain a better understanding of our system of government and the responsibilities of citizenship. They gain valuable public speaking skills, and make friendships that will last a lifetime. TUXIS also provides members with opportunities for growth in our four aspects: physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual. This helps members to achieve well-rounded growth, and to become better individuals.

A former member once described TUXIS as: "A place that I always look forward to going to because I know that I will be in a group of people that cares. TUXIS has introduced me to some of the best people I know." The members of TUXIS work to foster a caring and positive atmosphere, in which your child can gain confidence and learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Who Supervises TUXIS?

TUXIS is self run. The Premier, Deputy Premier, Leader of the Opposition, and Alternate Leader of the Opposition are elected at Session, and they are responsible for forming the leadership team. The Premier and Leader of the Opposition are considered to be directly responsible for the members at events. For more information about the leadership team, please visit our Front Four and Front Bench pages.

Additionally, the Alumni Council provides oversight for Parliamentary activities. Alumni representatives can often be found at events, and the Speaker at Session is an Alumni member who is in attendance for the entire week, and they become the fifth member of the leadership team.

What are the Rules?

All members attending to TUXIS agree to abide by our rules laid down in our bylaws.  These include such things as prohibiting the use of drugs or alcohol at events, prohibiting sexual activity at events, and abiding by federal, provincial and municipal laws. TUXIS also has very strong norms about respecting all members.  If a member is found in contravention of these rules, they may be sent home at their own expense.

Does TUXIS have Insurance?

TUXIS has an insurance policy provided by the TUXIS Parliamentary Alumni Society of Alberta.

What do Other Parents have to say?

Four and a half years ago, we sent a very shy, almost repressed, young girl off to her first TUXIS Session. She returned as quiet as ever, but informed us proudly that she had spoken in the House four times. Gradually she told us a few stories of fun and foolishness, interesting debates and intellectual discussions.  We were concerned as we sent her to the February conference, driving with a 19-year-old we had never met.  As the year progressed, we watched as she visibly gained poise and confidence.  She is still as quiet as ever, but she approaches her life with a confidence that I as a parent could never have given her myself.

   - written by Mary Buckingham, parent of two former parliamentarians

For more information, please contact one of the Front Four.


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