At Session, we debate two different kinds of legislation: bills and resolutions.  For more information about the process of debate, please visit our debate page. All of our legislation is written by TUXIS members.  If you would like to contribute legislation to debate, please contact the Deputy Premier.


The resolutions we debate at TUXIS pertain to any local, national or global issues that we find important.  At the 91st Session in December 2010, for example, we debated minimum work ages, Alberta's education system, and farm employment standards.  The resolutions that TUXIS pass during Session are passed on to various government officials and organizations, letting people in power know how Alberta's youth feels about issues.  

Resolutions are separated into two parts: whereas clauses and therefore clauses.  The whereas clauses state facts which generally support the resolution – they explain why the proposed change is needed. These are provided as general information only. They are not what will be debated, and it is even prohibited to try to debate the whereas clauses.

The therefore clauses are what get debated. They are the changes being proposed. They can be as specific or as vague as the writer of the resolution wants. 


TUXIS bills are pieces of legislation that propose changes to the Bylaws of the TUXIS Parliament.  This is a unique opportunity for youth to decide for themselves how they want the organization they're involved in to evolve. Bills are organized similarly to resolutions, and when they are passed they become the guidelines by which TUXIS is run. 

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