About Us


What is TUXIS?

TUXIS is Alberta's youth-run parliament. At TUXIS, we as Alberta's youth govern and lead ourselves to become physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually balanced global citizens.

Through parliamentary debate on topics chosen by participants, the TUXIS parliament gives us a voice.

Through activities and discussion planned by participants, the TUXIS community helps us build the perspective and confidence to decide what we want to use that voice for. 

Who is TUXIS?

TUXIS welcomes everyone between the ages of 15 to 21.

As a first-time participant in TUXIS, your only responsibility will be to enjoy the TUXIS experience, but you will always have the opportunity to contribute topics for debate, debate and vote on the bylaws we govern ourselves by, and apply for leadership and organizational positions on our Cabinet.

When is TUXIS?

Our annual Session is held annually from December 26th to 31st in Edmonton. At Session, we spend our days debating in the Alberta Legislature Building and our evenings enjoying social activities at our overnight venue.

Other events such as weekend conferences, long-weekend mini-sessions, evening social events, and even a summer camp occur throughout the year.

Check out our Calendar for more information about this year's events.

Willingly and cheerfully doing more than that which is our duty to do.